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Our Discovery Island 1

Our Discovery Island 1

Author: David Nunan (Series Advisor), John Wiltshier (Series Consultant)
Series: 6 Levels
Level: Elementary 1-6
Language: American English


Our Discovery Island makes learning English a memorable, exciting experience by harnessing the fun and excitement of a fantasy Online World with sound ELT methodology. Every level of the course presents students with a quest, which leads them on an exciting journey to strange, but interesting islands. The Online World of this series recreates a digital environment today's children are naturally drawn to, guiding them in their English learning through a real desire to play, explore, create, and interact.

Key Features
  • Student Book comes with a DVD and Student Access Code to the Online World
  • Home-School Link invites children to share what they have learned at home
  • A Story in every unit consolidates vocabulary and grammar of the unit. Children see how the language is used in context
  • Characters come to life in the Online World, where children practice their new language through variety of interactive activities!
  • A simple cross-curricular lesson makes the critical connection between English and other content areas, and introduces the connection across the curriculum
  • The I Can Checkbox give children the chance to evaluate their own progress and feel successful
Price w/Tax ISBN
Student Book with DVD and PIN Code 2,260 2,441 9789880089022
Workbook with Audio CD 1,670 1,804 9789880089084
Audio CDs 4,520 4,882 9789880089145
Active Teach CD-ROM 11,550 12,474 9789880089206
Student Set (Student Book + Workbook + Audio CDs) 4,500 4,860 9789880077913
Teacher's Edition PLUS (English + Picture Cards) 4,410 4,763 9789880020308
Teacher's Edition PLUS (Japanese + Picture Cards) 4,410 4,763 9789880079757